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are the foundations for the time to come.

About Us

Tekna Shipping is an Italian company operating in the naval design field. Tekna Shipping can support project ideas from the early stage of drawing up, and it is highly specialised in functional and executive engineering development. It also provides general manufacture/production support throughout the whole making process.

Tekna Shipping is very aware on how its reference market evolves and always embraces changes combining experience acheived with its past, the desire to try new solutions and innovative instruments, merging through synergy with high education bodies.

Tekna Shipping detains the know-how to shape any requested assignment regardless the dimensions of a specific project or particular client needs, throughout the flexibility of its own assets. The above-stated gives to the organization strong stability and an innate promptness for new challenges.

Through the extended experience, Tekna Shippig understands its markets and stands out for its recognised expertise and consistent commitment towards customer satisfaction. Also, it propose itself as Fincantieri’s strategic partner, and it is proud to work with a high degree of consistency and synergy.